Innovative menu items crafted with multi unit restaurants in mind.

Douglas Crafted Foods has one single goal. To create menu items that fit perfectly within the current menu of the chain concept. With this in mind, we’ve brought together a talented team of some of the most successful R&D chefs in the world. Led by Jay Nartowitz, a strategic food development leader in the USA and the UK, our group of culinary experts are uniquely poised to spot food product trends both domestically and internationally. By closely working with our culinary department, Douglas Crafted Foods has the practical experience and creative insight needed to understand what customers really want and how best to apply our innovative food solutions to restaurant themes.

Built on a phenomenally flavorful foundation.

The same company that brings you Veggie Bursts has a long history of success in the food service industry. Douglas Crafted Foods was developed by Ultra Thin Pizza Shells & Flatbread Company—a company famous for its high-quality, custom pizza and flatbread since 1996. As part of this established organization, Douglas Crafted Foods boasts a wide distribution network with DOT Foods, Inc. and is fully insured and fully compliant in all areas of food safety. But perhaps most importantly, under the umbrella of this well-known enterprise, Douglas Crafted Foods has a strong foundation upon which to bring you exciting new products like Veggie Bursts.